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Viroban is well equipped to fulfill your molding needs of any and all materials within our environments. Viroban also has a very aggressive cleanroom expansion plan underway at both production facilities to continue our growth as a preferred molding and contract manufacturer for large clients, as well as start up and early stage development organizations.

Our expertise lies in our capability to execute our MAPS (mold, assemble, package, sterilization management), or any part of it required. We are a contract manufacturer with true product development expertise in house from your first prototype to your complete MAPS contract manufacturer.
Injection-Molding Machines
Auger (diameter), mm36365062
Injection Pressure, kg/cm21815220418901557
Injection Volume, cm3153(138g)173(157g)412(373g)634(574g)
Injection Speed, cm3/sec.8183141213
Output Capacity (Polystyrene), kg/h554679154
Auger Rotation Speed, rpm210195143142
Clamping Force, tons90110180220
Push Travel, mm8090125145
Column Spacing, mm350х300390х340460х420520х460
Plate Dimensions, mm520х470590х540725х685800х740
Mold Minimal Dimensions, mm230х195255х220300х275340х300
Moving Plate Travel, mm100-390110-440120-560200-650
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