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Research and Development
Viroban offers contract manufacturing services of sterile expendables for medicinal purposes. We are ready to offer our partners a wide range of clean rooms, Class 7 and Class 8 certified according to ISO. Extrusion lines DC-50-PP and DC-65-PP with 15 and 20 kg per hour capacity, various injection-molding machines, Kiefel KST 70/40 PVC containers manufacturing device, blistering machines and devices for bags' welding, devices for marking and edging of pipes, as well as device for the manufacture of PVC containers and ethylene-oxide sterilizer to our customers.
If necessary, we shall assist you not only with manufacturing, but developing, testing and purchasing everything that may be necessary for the product manufacturing as well. Development experience exceeding ten years and direct deliveries of components from abroad will help us creating a truly competitive product.
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