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About Us
line manager Viroban Limited Liability Company was established in 2004 in the town of Dubna, Moscow Region. The company specializes in manufacturing of disposable polymeric medical products. Products released by Viroban are used in various fields of medicine and meet all current quality and safety requirements.

Manufacturing premises have a three-stage incomingair filtration installed. Constant values of temperature, pressure and moisture parameters are maintained. This is provided by three powerful industrial air conditioners with heating, cooling and moisturizing systems. Three-stage filtration system ensures 99.5% of incoming air purification of dust and other kinds of contaminations. In class "D" premises, the air is entirely changed 12.8 times per hour, in class "C" premises - 22.5 times per hour.

One of the main competitive advantages of our company is that we use only the latest product manufacturing technologies. The products are made on the most modern equipment in class "C" - class 7 and "D" - class 8 premises meeting all Russian and international requirements. All technological processes are arranged in strict compliance with GMP standard requirements.

Electrostatic floor covers on the premises not only protect personnel from static electricity, but also also attract dust particles, as a result, preventing them from settling on finished goods. The floors are cleaned daily as part of the regular sanitation process. Extreme pressure on the premises ensures the elimination of dust micro particles from "clean areas" during movement of personnel, components and products. Airlock systems allow to maintain the difference in pressure during movement between different areas.

Personnel operating within "clean room facilities" are dressed in special protective suits. Such suits are made of special material and regularly undergo special treatment.

Raw materials (PVC-granulate) are fed automatically from places beyond "clean areas", thus completely eliminating its contact with the air in the premises.

All such arrangements are designed for ensuring the maximal purity of air in the premises where medical products are produced and assembled, thus ensuring their quality and safety.

Index of purity in manufacturing premises is significantly lower than those admissible under the standard. For example, the actual concentration of 5.0 ϻm micro particles per one air cubic meter is 20 times lower as against the design target value, and concentration of microorganisms within the same volume equals zero virtually.

Quality Management System confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 requirement certificate has been successfully applied at the enterprise. The main purpose is in the release of reliable, high-quality competitive products for satisfying consumers’ requirements and expectations.

Currently, the company turns out more than 30 types of products and is constantly expanding its product range.

All products are registered, have all required permitsand are successfully supplied to all Russia regions, as well as to CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and Ukraine. Currently, the company is planning to register its products in Tajikistan and the Republic of Belarus.

Viroban LLC nowadays is amongst the most dynamically developing companies of Dubna Science Town.

Products made by Viroban LLC are used in various areas of medicine and meet all modern quality and safety requirements.

The company accepts orders for the manufacture of medical products under other entities' trade marks.

The company accepts orders for the sterilization of products with ethylene oxide.
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